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It is with sadness that the IBS announces the death of Bertolt Brecht and Helene Weigel's daughter, Barbara Brecht-Schall. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. She will be laid to rest at the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof, next to the Brecht-Haus in Berlin, on Friday, Oct. 2, at 12 noon.


15th IBS Symposium

Registration for the 15th IBS Symposium at the University of Oxford (UK) opens on November 1.
Before registering for the conference, you will need to open an "account" at the website and then proceed to "book the event." The registration form includes the conference fee and choices for conference dinners and accommodations St. Hughs College in Oxford.

New Brecht books

Philip Glahn, Bertolt Brecht (London: Reaktion Books, 2014)

Helmut Gier / Jürgen Hillesheim, Hrsg., Die Schätze der Brechtsammlung der Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg (Katalog, 2014)

Margret Setje-Eilers, Hinter den Kulissen: Theaterfrauen des BE erzählen (Berlin: Neues Leben, 2015)

Stephen Parker, Bertolt Brecht: A Literary Life (Bloomsbury Methuen, 2014), the new Brecht biography!

David Barnett, Brecht’s Berliner Ensemble Adaptations: The Tutor, Coriolanus, The Thrial of Joan of Arc at Rouen, Don Juan, Trumpets and Drums (Bloomsbury Methuen, 2014):

Hans Bunge, Brecht, Music and Culture: Hanns Eisler in Conversation with Hans Bunge (Bloomsbury Methuen, 2014):

Marc Silberman / Steve Giles / Tom Kuhn, eds., Brecht on Theatre, 3rd edition (Bloomsbury Methuen, 2014), read the introduction:

Tom Kuhn / Steve Giles / Marc Silberman, eds., Brecht on Performance: Messingkauf and Modelbooks (Bloomsbury Methuen, 2014):

David Barnett, Brecht in Practice: Theatre, Theory and Performance (Bloomsbury Methuen, 2014)

Bertolt Brecht, Love Poems, translated by David Constantine and Tom Kuhn (Norton, 2014):

Anthony Squiers, An Introduction to the Social and Political Philosophy of Bertolt Brecht.
Revolution and Aesthetics (Rodopi, 2014):

Hermann Haarmann / Christoph Hesse, Hrsg., Briefe an Bertolt Brecht im Exil, 1933-1949 (Degruyter, 2014):

Questions about English-language performance rights of Brecht's plays? Click here for more details.

Drama Online is a new portal for Internet access to the works of major playwrights, including Bertolt Brecht in English translation.  For information, see:
For the 25+ selections by Brecht:

Brecht's Works in English: A Bibliography
Check this new website with over 2750 entries if you are looking for Brecht's plays, poems, songs, stories, or essays in English translation:

The digital Brecht Yearbook, vols. 1-33 (1971-2008) / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch digital, Bd. 1-33 (1971-2008):

The Kurt Weill Foundation Grant Program awards financial support worldwide to not-for-profit organizations for performances of musical works by Kurt Weill and Marc Blitzstein, to individuals and not-for-profit organizations for scholarly research pertaining to Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, and Marc Blitzstein, and to not-for-profit organizations for relevant educational initiatives. For more information and guidelines, see:
or call New York City: (212) 505-5240


Brecht-Haus-Lecture: Heinrich Detering, "Zwischen Lenin und Lao-tse. Bemerkungen zu Brechts Daoismus" am 11. Dezember 2015, 20 Uhr Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus ((Chauseestr. 125, 10115 Berlin) Kartenverkauf beginnt 19 Uhr (Eintrittspreis: 5 €, erm. 3 €) Weitere Einzelheiten hier:

Modern Language Association Convention
7-10 January 2016 in Austin (Texas)
Friday, 8 January
Session Nr. 293. Brecht, Surveillance, Visibility
12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., room 201, JW Marriott
Presentations by Elise Morrison (Yale University), James Ball (Texas A&M University), and James Harding (University of Maryland), Theodore Rippey (Bowling Green State University)
Sunday, 10 January 766. Relations and Legacies: Brecht, Benjamin, Adorno 10:15–11:30 a.m., room 307, JW Marriott
Presentations by Astrid Oesmann (Rice University), Katherine Hollander (Simmons College), Carolin Sibilak (Universität der Künste, Berlin), Robert G. Kaufmann (University of California-Berkeley)
There will also be an informal IBS business meeting.

Call for Papers: 2016 Brecht Yearbook, ed. Theodore F. Rippey

Special Interest Section: TEACHING BRECHT
Guest Editors: Kristopher Imbrigotta (U of Puget Sound) & Per Urlaub (UT-Austin)
Brecht's works intend to educate. His plays have stimulated and provoked generations of theater audiences in all corners of the world, and the didactic dimension of Brechtian aesthetics has found proponents and opponents among directors and actors as well as scholars, teachers, and students. Brecht's works and theoretical writings quickly entered the teaching canon in a variety of disciplinary contexts: national literature departments, comparative literature, theater & drama, performance, and film studies. In addition, Brecht's plays are frequently performed in North American academic contexts, both in theater programs and – sometimes even in the original – by students in German Studies departments. Despite the presence of Brecht's work in this broad variety of settings, the impact and approaches to that work in the classroom have remained largely unexplored. Therefore, we invite contributions that investigate this presence and impact for a special section on TEACHING BRECHT in the Brecht Yearbook 41 (2016). Manuscripts from scholars and practitioners in any discipline are welcome.
October 1, 2015: 500-word abstract of the intended submission
By November 1, 2015: Authors receive feedback from editors
April 15, 2016: Full manuscript due
Spring 2016: Peer-review process The 2016

Brecht Yearbook is scheduled to publish in late Autumn 2016. We accept submissions in either English or German. English manuscripts should use American spelling conventions; submissions in German should use the new spelling conventions. All submissions should include Arabic-numbered endnotes. Length range: 5,000 to 9,000 words, including notes. Avoid lengthy, discursive notes. Please follow the "Brecht Yearbook Style Sheet" as you prepare your submission. ( Please feel free to contact the guest editors with any questions: Kristopher Imbrigotta ( Per Urlaub (

IBS Election
Every two years elections for the steering committee of the International Brecht Society take place.  The nominees for 2014-2015 have been elected:
Alle zwei Jahre findet die Wahl des Vorstands der Internationalen Brecht-Gesellschaft statt. Die Kandidatenliste für 2014-2015 wurde gewählt:

Stephen Brockmann, President (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)
Günther Heeg, Vice President (Universität Leipzig, BRD)
Andy Spencer, Editor of 'Communications' (Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)
Paula Hanssen, Secretary/Treasurer (Webster University, St. Louis, USA)